We will help you with implementing the P&I LOGA / LOGA3 and HCM systems in your company. We will answer questions, find solutions for situations arising during implementation and not only during the implementation of individual systems. We will support your employees in the daily use of these systems.

LOGA - attendance and attendance planning
LOGA3 - portal for your employees
HCM - portal for employees and managers
LOGA RESY - calculation of travel allowances
LOGA SCOUT - analysis of reporting requirements, the actual execution of reporting
LOGA Stellenplan - creation and maintenance of organisational structures
DOKU3 LOGA - easy creation and archiving of company documents
LOGA Big Data - data protection, user rights, access rights, administration of P&I Smarte Dinge
LLOGA Payroll - wage calculation and payroll accounting


Do you do business in several countries and use the LOGA / LOGAWEB / HCM system in your subsidiaries? We will help you across the entire transnational structure of your company.

- we will support you in the implementation of your organisational structure in the LOGA / LOGA3 / HCM systems
- we will develop a workflow for optimising attendance marking processes across departments
- we will help you in creating and setting-up the processes of forwarding documents within the transnational structure of your company


Employees are not always able to provide you with the overview needed in order to make your decisions immediately and accurately? Here, too, we can help you and your employees.

- Are you waiting for a report for hours and days?
◦ We'll create reports so you always have the information you need at your fingertips.
- Do you use programs other than LOGA / HCM in your subsidiaries?
◦ We have a platform for connecting systems and provide you with the information you need.
- Do you need to modify data in order to successfully transfer them from the LOGA system to other systems (e.g.accounting)?
◦ We will program the interface especially for you.
- Do you enter manual data into the LOGA system?
◦ We will explore with you how to facilitate this activity and thus prevent possible errors and loss of time.


Our employees have many years of experience with the LOGA system and we are at your disposal.

- you can contact us by phone / email
- if you like, we can visit and support you at the place of your business
- we will support you not only professionally but also technically
- we will analyse together the processes in your existing environment of P&I LOGA systems, we will propose improvements and bring them to life
- we can share with your employees best practices with the LOGA / LOGA3 / HCM systems
- we communicate in English, Slowak and German

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