DI (DATAintegrator) is a product that helps you find important links in your business data and keeps you informed. Use the appropriate transformations and visualizations to make this updated information available to you on a clear dashboard whenever you need it. The connector system allows you to connect to your enterprise systems without the need to manually upload data via files. Artificial intelligence can draw attention to hidden contexts or predict events based on data analysis.

We will advise you on complex data analysis problems as well as support in projects for the use of artificial intelligence resources using DI.

Key features and services

Integration of multiple data sources
To keep valuable information at hand, DI allows you to combine data from multiple sources and transform it into an appropriate form to see all the hidden context. You can then choose the optimal way to visualize this data. If necessary, the update system ensures that your data is automatically updated on a regular basis and you have it ready without having to wait for the system to update.

Connector system
The connector system allows you to retrieve data from business systems without the need to upload files, directly by connecting to databases, APIs or the cloud.

Flexibility for complex solutions
The built-in module allows experts to write scripts using modern data analysis libraries and thus solve complex data transformation requirements. We'll be happy to help you create scripts.

Monitoring of digital processes
DI allows you to clearly monitor the status, availability and failure rate of processes and services in the company's digital space. It is also possible to visualize service performance over time.

Knowledge agent
The AI elements are already partially integrated into the DI. But to do this, we can create a tailored knowledge agent with artificial intelligence elements that will monitor your data and make decisions or estimate the future development of important business parameters. We will help you assess whether it is possible to apply AI elements on your data. Then we can teach the agent on your or public data and integrate it into the DI.


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