Moonsoft HR Solutions

HR Module


Used technologies
  • PHP
  • Apache
  • Symfony Framework
  • Responsive Design
  • Facebook Login
  • Google OAuth


Moonsoft HR Solutions GmbH has always been a company focused on providing their customers with the best possible service. Years of experience on over 100 projects in a wide range of industries helped them to define the most important requirements within the HR product life cycle and so develop an all-encompassing HR software solution.


Implement a web interface for business management software module. Understand what customer needs, consult with HR-domain experts and deliver solution that is stable, easy-to-use and offer smooth performance.


System consists of several parts. One part is HR module with web interface. It’s built in framework based on top of KnockoutJS and responsive html5 code. Large code optimization very necessary in modules, displaying thousands of values in single page. Our experience with complex system helped us to optimize slow parts of system for daily usage and satisfied customers. User interface communicates with backend modules via REST API. Backend handles all data operations, security and permission checking. Offers also the possibility of running payroll calculations on multiple threads. System is still being developed and we are proud to be a part of core team. We combined our experience in developing business applications with HR domain knowledge of consultants.

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